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Pietro Schito is an Italian screenwriter, producer. After working in TV production in Italy, he moved to Hollywood where he completed the New York Film Academy Screenwriting Program at its Universal Studios branch. Since then, he’s been focusing on animation, writing for film and TV in Hollywood, Spain, Mexico and Italy. Two of his animated feature films are about to start production and he recently started a YouTube Channel to help screenwriters make their breakthrough in the industry. Follow Pietro on social media at @pietroschito and learn Screenwriting on


Pietro Schito es un guionista y productor italiano. Después de trabajar en la producción de televisión en Italia, se mudó a Hollywood para realizar el programa de guionismo en la New York Film Academy. Desde entonces se ha enfocado en la animación y la escritura de guiones para Estados Unidos, España, México e Italia. Es fundador de Write for Animation y en su canal de YouTube comparte sus conocimientos con la intención de ayudar a otros guionistas a introducirse en esta industria.⁣


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Here’s a list of common questions you could ask. These are just suggestions.

  • How did your passion start and how did you become a working screenwriter?
  • What was it like moving away from Italy to Hollywood and then Mexico?
  • What should one write about? How do you find your voice as a screenwriter?
  • How do you deal with lack of motivation and writer’s block?
  • What’s the difference between writing for live action and writing for animation?
  • What would you tell your younger self about screenwriting as a career?
  • What are the initial stages of creating a script?
  • What should a new screenwriter do after they’ve completed their first draft?
  • How do you know when your script is ready?
  • What’s next for you?

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