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Are you trying to break into the animation industry …all alone?

  • What if you belonged to a community that helps you START and FINISH your scripts?

  • What if you could stop worrying about not being good enough and start getting positive feedback so that you know what to write next?

  • What if you could stop calling yourself an “aspiring writer” because you’re getting paid to write?

Hello, I'm Pietro Schito

An animation screenwriter working on multiple films, an animated TV series, and shorts. You might have seen me on my Write for Animation YouTube channel, where I post videos on tips and tricks for good writing and interviews with masters of animation.

As a story consultant, I’ve helped storytellers who worked at studios like Pixar, Netflix, Disney, and Dreamworks develop their projects.

A few years ago I almost quit…

I had read all the screenwriting books and watched all the masterclasses available, but no matter how motivated I felt when I’d sit down to write, something would always get in the way…

…and suck me into this endless loop of procrastination:


"I know I can write this!"


"Okay, just a cup of coffee and it's go time!"


"This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!"


"I bet real writers enjoy the process, don't they? Maybe I just don't have what it takes."


"You know what, I should rewatch that one scene it was so well written" (then I’d watch the whole movie)


"I didn't write anything good... again"


Then, I was blessed with a scholarship to study screenwriting in L.A. — I couldn’t believe that an animation nerd like me, an Italian artist, was going to Hollywood!

☝️This is me meeting Hollywood celebrities😜

In L.A., I met several professional animation screenwriters… and slowly realized something rather unexpected…


These writers were experiencing the same frustrations I was -and they’re professionals!

What do they do differently?

Successful screenwriters focus on three surprisingly simple things:




So instead of relying on discipline, I started building a writing habit.

Instead of picking up another screenwriting book, I focused on learning from the masters.

Finally, I created a system to connect with fellow writers, story artists, directors, and producers.

And little by little things started to change.

I finally started writing consistently, getting my first gigs, and meeting more and more professional writers.

I want to offer you what I was missing for far too long. That’s why I’m launching…

Write for Animation Academy

✅ Join a community of passionate animation storytellers.

✅ Lose the distractions, destroy writer’s block, and start and complete your scripts.

✅ Meet with me and a group of other fellow writers.

✅ Know exactly what to write next, or what to do once you’ve finished your script.

✅ Master the wonderful craft of screenwriting.

✅ Be prepared and recognize opportunities.

Write for Animation Academy is a monthly membership that gives you exclusive access to:

Our Monthly Video Call

A one-hour video call with me and your new community of storytellers. Lessons, feedback, guests, Q&A, and more!

Exclusive Videos

Exclusive videos and early access to upcoming Write for Animation content.

The PDF Vault

All our free PDF guides in one place. Plus a growing collection of links to animated movie scripts.

Your Questions Answered.

Have a question? You’ll get priority access to me. If you’re part of the academy, your email will float to the top of my inbox.

FAQ about the membership

What if I fall behind or miss a call?

Don’t worry about falling behind. Each video call is recorded. Plus, companion PDFs and exclusive content will always be one click away.

I'm an artist, not a writer. Is this for me?

Yes! Though this program focuses on screenwriting for animation, a picture is worth a thousand words! When you combine your artistic superpower with good story telling – you’ll become invincible!

What is the refund policy?

You can even sign up for just one month, and if you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund you the first month.

Is the academy only for animation storytellers?

Yes, this community focuses on writing for animation. If you don’t have a strong passion for animation, this is probably not for you.

Act Quickly! I’m offering early access to a small group of students. Join the founding members from Patreon at an introductory price of just $14.97 per month.

The price will increase to $29 for future members


You will be redirected to Patreon to complete your subscription.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email me
[email protected]

The hard truth is that you can watch all of our videos, and study all of our guides, but if you don’t write consistently and nurture your connections, it won’t make a difference.

Imagine where you could be in one year if you bet on yourself and join now.

Creating my own stories was a dream I had given up on, feeling supported by Pietro and the WFA Academy members made me believe that my stories are worth being told. Every class, resource, and video call has given me new storytelling tools, motivation to be consistent, and a clearer path to achieve my dream of being part of the animation industry.

Yreri Huerta

I left each video-call with a better story. When I look back at my first version, I can see the amazing job that we did together. I feel more confident than ever and I can’t wait to share my short film with the world and watch it on the big screen.

Claudio QuattroneAnimator · DogHead Animation, Warner Bros, Disney

You learn the principles that help you turn a good idea into a complete story that works.
The writing sessions have helped me a lot in improving the scripts for the shorts I'm developing at Magmanimation.

Annalisa LocatelliScreenwriter - Magmanimation

I'm new to writing, but Pietro was able to skillfully guide me through the process. He helped me discover my theme, create character development, and vastly improve my story arc. Through the exercises he gave me to try, I was able to come up with a ton of new ideas. Every time I brought him the next version of my script, he was able to help me level it up.

Trevor Rothaus

Pietro is a fantastic mentor who has helped me develop engaging, thought-provoking, and visually stunning stories. His expertise in film and animation, and his support and encouragement, have been invaluable to me. I would highly recommend Pietro to anyone looking to improve their scriptwriting skills and create impactful stories.

Danna GaleanoWriter Director

Try Write for Animation Academy for 30-days.

Love it, or your money back.
See you in class!